Sunday, January 23, 2011

For years now I swear to ride more, exercise more and for years I fail to do either. Youth no longer on my side I've seem my avg weight grow by 12lbs over the last two years.

Now longer do I dip to 190lbs in the summer, now avg. about 204.

I thought if I try to eat well, all will be fine, but in my case this tends not to be true. Don't get me wrong, I'm not health nut, but I do pride myself of not eating "fast-foods" and I base my diet on drinking lots of water (read little to no juice or soda), and eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies. Anyhow, you get my point.

So the realization has been setting in for some time now, but this weekend was a massive blow to my ego(for lack of better word). The wife and I headed to Douthat this weekend. Normally, we tend to visit DSP 3-4x a year, but last year was an off year, so this visit was our first in 2yrs.

Returning to Douthat 20lbs heavier & on a singlespeed (my other bike broken) all my weaknesses showed through brightly! What was once a strong pair of legs burned in a minute, what was once a fair cardio base took no less than 2hrs to settle in, and still I was barely moving.

After only 1.5mls I was so frustrated that I actually considered letting my bike roll down the steep slopes of Mountain SIde by itself and walking back. I felt unworthy and more to the point, completely over mountain biking.

My patient wife was so kind that it gave strength enough to at least keep going. Each time we came to an intersection and thought about heading back, I pushed on to the longer route.

By days end, we rode about 15mls in about 3.5hrs, this should have easily been a 2.5 (or @ least under 3hr) ride under normal riding days of yesteryear.

Now that I found even a little resolve this weekend, will be able to follow through from here on out. My bday is mid-year, I hope to have shed those 20lbs...