Friday, February 05, 2010

I'm starting up the blog again to be able to recount Sid's progress from her knee surgery.

Brief history that lead us to this point.
Back in Sept 09 while Sid was staying with some friends, it appears she tweaked her knee to the point where a week or two of rest would allow her to walk normal again, but once she were to play, her limp would return.

Fast forward to Jan. 2010. A few months of healing would not help, one day mid-Jan Lisa noticed Sid's leg would make a popping sound while she would walk. A trip to the vet confirmed internet research; she had a torn ACL. We scheduled an appointment with a well recommended surgeon. The appointment would take place two weeks later on Feb. 5th.

The surgeon concluded the same thing, a torn ACL is mostly likely the cause, as well as a meniscus issue. The clicking is created when the torn ACL allows the femur to slide over and down the front of the tibia.

Two surgeries where advised, one about $1700 for a more inactive dog, the other $3000- 3999. for a more active dog. The latter is very invasive and requires cutting and reshaping the tibia to allow for a missing ACL, called TLPO. We opted for the TLPO because this gives the best chance of a complete recovery in terms of normal usage. Usually 93-97% of normal!

Operation to take place on Monday, Feb. 8.