Monday, February 08, 2010

Sid's Surgery, Day 1

On Feb. 8, 2010, Sid's day began with a trip to VVSA @ 8am.

Fasting food since 6pm & water from 12am prior to surgery.
Sid will be @ the vet most of the day, mean while I'll be trying to "dog-proof" the house. This surgery was not something Lisa or I will be taking lightly. This is a high effort on all fronts. After surgery, she must be kept contained and confined to limit any possible damage to the freshly set bone.

A minimum of 8 weeks of no play, running, and a constant calm state are needed! My god, that is a tall order for a 10 yr PitPull that thinks she's 1 & acts every bit the puppy she was the day we picked her up @ 12 weeks.

It's a nervous day for me, waiting to here of her progress and still wondering about the final surgery totals. The range for the day was $2990 - 3099.00, plus post op visits; not to mention the $500 spent on the initial vet, radials, and blood work. It's expensive, but she is family!

The phone rang around 1:30 to inform us she will be able to be picked up around 4pm and the surgery went well.

Despite my best attempts to find a used crate or even an old play pen, I came up empty handed.