Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 6 of Sid's post surgery

Today is day 6 for Sid's post surgery and we're very happy to say that she's doing really well.

She's been off of pain and tranqs for 2 days now and not showing any worst for wear. In fact, she's doing quite well on her leg.

She is showing signs of slight discomfort when initially standing up and when she stretches, but we're really trying to curtail her movement anyhow.

She has been almost 100% e-collarless for about 3 days, only making her where it when we are not around. When given the chance though, she seems to have little to no interest in her stitches.

As far as the incision area, the stitches have always been clean and free from oozing, etc. The area affected by the surgery has also been and remains pretty normal in appearance. I guess I was expecting more swelling, more soreness, and more redness, but the area seems to have transitioned very well. Bruising lasted about 1.5 days, and same for the swelling caused by the bodies reaction to the metal plate.

Our larger challenge with Sid is reminding ourselves that as she appears to be moving around more normal, that she is far from out of the woods it terms of recovery. We're only towards the end of week 1 of an minimum 8 week recovery.