Friday, December 03, 2010

If I knew...

If I knew only one thing about human's, there are a certain percentage that strive to excel;

My natural thoughts would have be consider that there is a similar amount of those with an opposite desire; while the rest lay somewhere in the middle.

If I knew only one thing about human's, there are a certain percentage that are "Saint-like";

My natural thoughts would have be consider that there is a similar amount of those with an opposite desire; while the rest lay somewhere in the middle.

If I knew only one thing about human's, there are a certain percentage of act "Saint-like;"

My natural thoughts would have be consider that there is a similar amount of those with an opposite desire; while the rest lay somewhere in the middle.

:Jay deBellonia 12/3/10

Monday, February 22, 2010

Today was Sid's 2 week follow up and the doc was not just pleased, but astounded by her progress.
He said that she is well beyond his expectations for any dog, let alone for her being 9 1/2 & that she's at a point more indicative of a dog that is closer to 4 or 5 weeks post-op.

So we are to continue with what we've been doing during the 1st 2 weeks and beginning week 4, start her rehab with 3-4 walks per day @ 10-15 minutes per walk.

How is she walking? Bruising? Pain? etc?
Sid is walking well and it's becoming harder and harder to tell that she even has an injury.
Bruising and discoloration is all gone, well until they removed the stitches today.
Pain, there must be a little since she still favors her leg when standing idle, but nothing like pre-op where she was constantly searching (a term used to describe an animal lifting a leg and trying to put it down, but kind of just hovers the foot instead).

Monday, February 15, 2010

1 Week in...

So it appears that from day 5 on, Sid will pretty much remain the same. Of course we expect her to be healing more, but overall she has become very comfortable walking around to eat and go outside.

As I've said before, from this point forward I think it'll be more about us keeping in mind that she is healing and that we must continue to contain her for the next 7 weeks.

We have one week to go before we her 2 week checkup and from there we'll be able to see just how "restricted" she must be from weeks 2 - 8.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Today is day 6 for Sid's post surgery and we're very happy to say that she's doing really well.

She's been off of pain and tranqs for 2 days now and not showing any worst for wear. In fact, she's doing quite well on her leg.

She is showing signs of slight discomfort when initially standing up and when she stretches, but we're really trying to curtail her movement anyhow.

She has been almost 100% e-collarless for about 3 days, only making her where it when we are not around. When given the chance though, she seems to have little to no interest in her stitches.

As far as the incision area, the stitches have always been clean and free from oozing, etc. The area affected by the surgery has also been and remains pretty normal in appearance. I guess I was expecting more swelling, more soreness, and more redness, but the area seems to have transitioned very well. Bruising lasted about 1.5 days, and same for the swelling caused by the bodies reaction to the metal plate.

Our larger challenge with Sid is reminding ourselves that as she appears to be moving around more normal, that she is far from out of the woods it terms of recovery. We're only towards the end of week 1 of an minimum 8 week recovery.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sleep was little again, as Sid is using less meds she is becoming increasingly more aware of the crate and e-collar. Despite me sleeping on the floor w/her, she was upset and refused to sleep with the e-collar. She'd get quiet for a few minutes about every 30 min. or so throughout the night, but would not stay put and rest. At 3am, I simply couldn't take it anymore.

Since she's been very good about not licking, I finally removed the e-collar and she was curled up in a ball and asleep w/in a minute of removal.

This morning was a tough fight feeding Sid any of her pills, even the chewable that she normally takes w/o issue.
Even the peanut butter isn't working now...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 3 Post Surgery

Well, Sid did well overnight recovery wise, but was not happy about the crate even w/Lisa sleeping in the room. Lisa said she finally went to sleep around 3am.

Day 3 morning Notes:
~ Sid is doing well enough that we're only giving her the anti-inflam. and antibiotics and will wait to the 12hr mark for her pain meds.
~ Sid is starting to show signs of bruising on the inner thigh, but her stitches are still looking fine and clean.
~ Sid actually used her leg to scratch her ear, albeit gingerly.

Afternoon: Sid's leg is looking good. Swelling is still much less than I was expecting, bruising is just starting to set in to the leg.
SId has been wanting to be active, but sitting with her seems to keep her happy enough to keep her still.

Evening: Sid is doing well and standing more than we want. I really want to keep her off tranqs as much as possible, but not at the risk of injuring her leg. If we can't get her to lay more, we'll have to use meds.

Sid really hates the taste of the pain killers and it's being more and more difficult to get her to take the pill.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Day 2 Post Surgery

Day 2 started really early!!!

If you aren't comfy hearing you pup whimper in pain, this surgery is not for you! By 3am her pain must have been hateful and she was shaking and whimpering. Almost 5 hrs before she was able to take another pill. Not to mention her sedative had worn off too. This was when the night became tough.

We spent the next 4 hrs up and petting her to try to keep her calm. She would tire every now and again, finally falling to sleep for 15-20min before waking again.

Most of her medications are to be given every 12 or 24hrs, so we're trying to start her @ 7am. She was definitely awake and in pain, but still not 100% with it. We were able to get her to take 2 of the 4 meds before she decided to refuse. Sadly her refusal was against the pain killers and the sedative!

After several attempts to bribe her with peanut butter, apple slices, etc, I finally gave up and ground up the pills into a powder, put it in a syringe, added 3cc of water & a tad bit of apple juice. Let it dissolve and squirted it into her mouth slow enough for not to have it run all over the place.

She's definitely not happy about the e-collar either, but this is a must to keep her out of the stitches.

Once the meds kicked in, she was a little more manageable and I was able to catch 2hrs of sleep.

Around 11am I brought her outside and was able to get her to go #1!! I tried to get her to eat or take water, but she was having nothing of it. I decided to remove the E-collar and she immediately stood up and headed to the food/water bowls.

I was very excited to see her eating. Afterwards it was time for me to go get a crate, so I put her in the office. I used a 2' x 5' board to create a barrier. She seemed to be OK with it, she just layed down.

A few minutes later I heard her whining and some other racket. I went to check on her and what did I see?

How about a drugged (still not able to even put her hind leg to the ground) Sid still tried to climb over the gate. It's going to be long 8 weeks!

I took it down and simply locked her in the whole room. We put down carpet over the hardwoods to help her have more stability if she tries to stand.

3 hrs later when I returned, Sid was on the ready to go! I slowly opened the door and she was all about go. Being on the 2nd floor, I carry her up and down the steps. We went outside and she immediately went #1, so she's really returning to normal.

She was able to put a little weight on her leg by now too. Although more for stabilization than for walking. We're still committed to using our hands or a scarf to help her remain upright. Last thing I want is for her to tweak the other knee.

Once inside, she wanted more food and water. Even wearing the e-collar she just gobbled up the remaining food.

I gave her a pain med again around 4pm and then we headed to the couch. I know, this is a no-no. But it keeps her calm and she really won't move much as long as I'm around. So I removed the e-collar and she curled up next to me. I think she slept for the next 3hrs until we woke her to take her 7pm meds.

At 7pm: we did a whole round of going outside, eating, and meds and back to the couch. She's been really tired and hasn't paid her leg any attention in terms of trying to lick or clean the area.

10pm brings out a new story. By this time her "spotting" was almost nil since she has now been going out side on a regular basis and now she was becoming a little spry. A few times she'll pop up her head and turn her attention to her back leg. We never let her get that far as the vet strictly said ZERO licking!

We figure her spryness is being propelled by her pain killers are about 1 hr from a refresh.

Some concerns for us are keeping her on too many pain killers or tranqs. So we're using only 2/3's of the pain killers every 8hrs and will most likely do this through Day 3, then try to move to 2/3's every 12hrs for a 2 days, then 1x a day for 2 days.

Of course, this is a loosely planned based on her pain. Sid is not one to show much pain, but during this process she has been showing classic signs of pain. Lots of shaking and whimpering along with a very anxious state.

We got the crate and tonight Sid will spend her first night in a crate, ever! We tried once as a puppy and that lasted all of about 2hrs.

We encouraged her to lay in the crate while we were with her watching Tv. She went in, but was very upset by this whole notion. She laid whining (not whimpering).

11pm: We gave Sid her pain meds for the night, but again she refused them! She really dislikes these pills. So I had to resort to my earlier method of delivery by grinding it up, adding to a water/apple juice solution, letting it dilute and putting it on her tongue. She can't really spit out the little bit of liquid like she can a pill. Since she seems to be calm & happy to sleep on her own, we're not using tranqs this night.

Midnight: E-collar on, Sid is in the crate and ready to sleep.
Lisa decided to stay the night on the couch to keep an eye on Sid.

~ Seemingly normal considering only 24hrs she was operated on, and under some heavy meds and tranqs.
~ Area of stitches seems to be very clean, no blood or oozing at all.
~ Area around stitches seems to be slightly swollen, but not as red or bad as we expected.
~ Swelling has begun to drop towards her foot, but very small & normal as this is the fluid ball that began to surround the plate in her leg as a response to protecting her body from it.
~ Sid has been laying on her both sides without issue, and stretches both legs out time to time, but not as much as normal.

Day 1 Post Surgery

I arrived at VVSA around 4pm to see about 7 others also in line for their pups.

By 4:30 I was in the exam room being briefed on Sid's condition and being explained the laundry list of medicines, and must do / don't (s) for her care.

4 medicines were given: 1 for pain, 1 for swelling / antibiotic, 1 tranquilizer, and 1 non -steroidal. Soon afterward Sid was walked in the room. Poor pup, she was so out of it her hind leg just hung by her side as she tried to navigate the doorway with an E-Collar.

I ended up carrying her to the car and into the house. Within 1 minute of being in the car, she was out of it.

I was instructed to give her water around 7pm, but no sooner; followed by pain killers before bed and with food & other meds the following morning.

By 7pm, she was not ready to do anything, let alone drink water. We did get her to get up to go outside, but she needed help each time. The help came in the form of a scarf around her waist to help aid her in balance and holding up her wait.

Despite going out 3x, she was not able to muster up even a piddle, but be prepared to have her "spotting" as she sleeps.

On this night as she started to come around, she was growing very restless and if she couldn't see us, she whimpered and whined. As I mentioned above, we were unable to secure a crate by days end, so we will spent the night sleeping on the floor next to her. This was to keep an eye on her condition and to make sure she wasn't going to try to get up and walk around.

Monday, February 08, 2010

On Feb. 8, 2010, Sid's day began with a trip to VVSA @ 8am.

Fasting food since 6pm & water from 12am prior to surgery.
Sid will be @ the vet most of the day, mean while I'll be trying to "dog-proof" the house. This surgery was not something Lisa or I will be taking lightly. This is a high effort on all fronts. After surgery, she must be kept contained and confined to limit any possible damage to the freshly set bone.

A minimum of 8 weeks of no play, running, and a constant calm state are needed! My god, that is a tall order for a 10 yr PitPull that thinks she's 1 & acts every bit the puppy she was the day we picked her up @ 12 weeks.

It's a nervous day for me, waiting to here of her progress and still wondering about the final surgery totals. The range for the day was $2990 - 3099.00, plus post op visits; not to mention the $500 spent on the initial vet, radials, and blood work. It's expensive, but she is family!

The phone rang around 1:30 to inform us she will be able to be picked up around 4pm and the surgery went well.

Despite my best attempts to find a used crate or even an old play pen, I came up empty handed.

Friday, February 05, 2010

I'm starting up the blog again to be able to recount Sid's progress from her knee surgery.

Brief history that lead us to this point.
Back in Sept 09 while Sid was staying with some friends, it appears she tweaked her knee to the point where a week or two of rest would allow her to walk normal again, but once she were to play, her limp would return.

Fast forward to Jan. 2010. A few months of healing would not help, one day mid-Jan Lisa noticed Sid's leg would make a popping sound while she would walk. A trip to the vet confirmed internet research; she had a torn ACL. We scheduled an appointment with a well recommended surgeon. The appointment would take place two weeks later on Feb. 5th.

The surgeon concluded the same thing, a torn ACL is mostly likely the cause, as well as a meniscus issue. The clicking is created when the torn ACL allows the femur to slide over and down the front of the tibia.

Two surgeries where advised, one about $1700 for a more inactive dog, the other $3000- 3999. for a more active dog. The latter is very invasive and requires cutting and reshaping the tibia to allow for a missing ACL, called TLPO. We opted for the TLPO because this gives the best chance of a complete recovery in terms of normal usage. Usually 93-97% of normal!

Operation to take place on Monday, Feb. 8.