Sunday, July 12, 2009


White Water Class Day 2,
We hit the James @ Pony Pasture and kayaked down to Reedy Creek.

This was a fun day for sure. The river was @ 4'2" and it was a little low. I think 4'6" to 5' would make for nice river travels.

We started off entering the lower Pony Pasture Rapids, then back to practicing edge turns to get in & out of Eddies, as well as T-rescues in current.

Once done we headed down river starting off playing a game. Kinda like "keep away" but you always had to throw the ball to someone down stream. It was a great way to further practice the paddling & T-rescues while removing the dullness that of a long flat water area.

Rapids: Pony Pasture (lower section) Powhite Rapids, Choo-Choo Rapids, Pipeline, a smaller Pipeline, Mitch's Gut, Mitch's Gut 2.

Check out photos on the left in rotation.
Camera used was the Olympus "Water resistant" (not waterproof) Stylus 700.

Happy Birthday

Today I look to the past to offer up what would have been.
On this day my youngest brother would have been 33.

We miss you Jason.