Monday, May 11, 2009

Cellphones Madness

Does the cellphone give all of us the "plugged-in" companionship that so many of us really crave, or may worst, fulfill for that what we might not have had w/out one? A life...

Why does owning a cellphone automatically give us the right to carry it everywhere & anywhere we desire? I mean really, why does the waitstaff need to have a cell on their belt when their job is there to wait on visitors of their restaurant?

Why should students be allowed to carry them in class, only to disrupt everyone w/fancy beeps, sounds, games, etc?

In Boston this morning a report of a double trolly crash because 1 came up from behind (w/a 480' sight line) ended up crashing in to a second trolly, despite having warnings go from green to yellow to red plus 80'. Why the crash? F'ing conductor was texting his girlfriend and now 50+ people injured.

Boston's MTA took immediate action, absolutely NO CELL PHONES allowed on the job by any employees!! Go Boston!!
NJ MTA doesn't allow for even the use of cellphones by the passengers. At first I was like, "WTF?," but 10 minutes into the ride and you quickly realize that a bus of 50 people can actually be one of the most peaceful crowds to be. No one is forced to listen to yelling, arguing, STD results phone-calls, etc.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a cell phone toter myself & I often find myself "needing" to check the cell for a text or missed call after 10minutes goes by without a peep. "Is the volume set right? ", "Is vide mode set?", "Did I just miss beep?".
Usually the answer is nope.

I usually find this cell phone "twitch" to come only after the cycle has been started by a barrage of incoming communications or when I'm bored and the response is often we feeling compelled to send some sort of mindless thought to a close friend in a feeble attempt just to gain any social interaction.

So my question is, how do we become so celf-focused (celf = cell + self) that we will use our phones despite the danger that we pose to everyone around us?

How can we possibly justify the reply to "dinner @ 7" if it means that we might kill/injure/maim 1,10, 20, 50, more?