Friday, March 06, 2009

I didn't want to post this on my website since I removed the Political forums yesterday, but it seems too worth saying not to be said somewhere.

In the last thread noted as, "Political Forums Dead, THANK You," someone noted that on a forums they help run the political stuff was moved last year when stuff really started to heat up & they commented that they didn't know how I hung on so long...

My would've been response:
"Like I've said in the past, I thought and still think that we all need a place to vent as even in good times their is always something political to talk about. The only way to actually learn is to not only read, but truly grasp and listen.

Seeing how we are in a time in history that can put our country into 3rd world status in a matter of years, I hoped/still hope people can realize this problem is larger than us, our families, or our immediate & future incomes; And that is why I let it keep moving forward.

In the end something kind of scary happened, it seems that just like in the real world, only those who have the strongest convictions and have no chance of seeing a different light were the ones left to stomach & churn the chaos, I guess this maybe forecasting that even the best intents of change are left to die in the wake of the steadfast.

So if it happened here, I guess that doesn't leave a lot of room in DC where party ego & corporate affiliation is more important than the great good... "