Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Now serving...

You know, just when I think the world has shown me everything, the internet drops another bomb on me.

Check out this restaurant in Beijing, China.

A visit to Beijing's Penis Restaurant
Der Spiegel went to Guolizhuang, Beijing's Exclusive Penis Restaurant

The menu consists almost entirely of penis and testicle dishes -- made from the private parts of deer, snakes, yaks, horses, seals and ducks, among others. These delicacies are supposed to increase male potency, but women should try a bite, too: Eating penis is good for the skin, apparently.

Lucy, a 20-year-old waitress, wears a traditionally embroidered silk shawl with images of courtly scenes and plants -- and a smiley sticker. "For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has used animal penises to cure kidney and erection problems," she says. But for their medicinal effect to work, the dishes have to be consumed regularly.

"But if you want something that works faster, we have a wine that contains extracts of heart, penis, and blood from a deer," she explains. "That has an effect within 30 minutes." This potency cocktail has been said to be better than Viagra, and it has no side effects."

A certain degree of care appears to be required when choosing a dish, depending partly on what one has planned for later in the evening. The sex and age of the customer also play a role. "Women should not eat testicles," Lucy says. "The hormones could give them a deeper voice and a beard." Penises, on the other hand, are completely harmless, and in fact are even "good for the skin," she says.

Children under 15 are not allowed in the penis restaurant; the hormones are said to interfere with natural growth.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blogged out...

I know it's been a while since my last real blog entry; true is I've just been too lazy to even consider writing about what's going on in life and just spending more time doing homework, riding, reading, XboxLive, etc.

To recap from Dec to now:
~ Got financial aid
~ Lost/ran out of financial aid (had was was previously given pulled back!)
~ Had a wonderful Christmas
~ Discovered how great the trails are in Williamsburg (especially Freedom Park.)
~ Had a great New Years.
~ Went to Douthat for 3 days.
~ Read Predictably Irrational (A wonderful book that talks about human behavior)
~ Classes Started
~ Filled out for Graduation (May 16th, same day as my B-day!)
~ Got some financial aid again.
~ And lots of little stuff.

I'm excited to think about graduating, but I'm definitely worried about finding a job.
I also just received my lit. package for graduation, another $1k to spend if you want the class ring, cap & gown, invitations, etc.