Saturday, July 11, 2009


Beginner's White Water Kayak Class Day 1 was interesting and fun.

First, the instructors are very personable and approachable, so you immediately feel comfortable.
During day 1, we spent about 1.(including lunch) 5 hrs off the water and the rest of the time on water.

We learned:
~ wet exits
~ T-Rescues
~ Multiple Paddle strokes
~ Steering & control

The day was spent on the James @ Dutch Gap. Very open and flat, but just enough current for the kayaks to move around on their own nicely.

We also played some neat little games that would force us into compromising positions w/o us thinking about it. So you learned control, as well as learned to trust in your ability to maintain calm when you did roll and waited for the T-rescue.

Our Day 1 instructors were: Suzan, Thomas, & Daniel.