Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Energy Independence Needs to Be a Top Priority.

Just in case you are becoming comfortable with the newest pricing in fuel costs, than have fear because your "dealer", I mean OPEC and specifically "Our Friends" in Saudi Arabia have deemed that despite the current collapsed state of the world economy (that by the way they helped tank through stifling high crude pricing over the last few years) , that they are looking to make sure crude raises to their "deemed" floor price of $75.00/barrel.

OPEC has approved cuts totalling about 2 million barrels a day since September as world oil consumption falters, but the moves have so far failed to put brakes on oil's slide from historic highs above $US145 a barrel.

The group's secretary-general, Abdalla Salem El-Badri, told reporters the group would cut production by a "good amount" in December. Over the weekend, both Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah and Saudi Oil Minister Ali Naimi described $US75 a barrel as a fair price for crude oil.

Don't get me wrong, it's their oil and they have every right to aim for any price that they want, but you can see the mentality here. But in this time of serious struggles for just about every world market, they want to further add to the slowing of it's rebound by getting oil prices to raise by 50% (currently $52/b).

For all those that say it's all about supply and demand, what part of "demand" works when demand is down so pricing becomes artificially bolstered by over tightening of supply. This is the main flaw in the "free market" when it comes to goods and services as they relate to our "needs" vs. wants.

So I plan to keep up with my current course of actions:
~ Buy less fuel by driving less and less & carpooling.
~ Buy Petroleum free products.
~~ Currently here we are: using material shopping bags, using all natural soaps for hands, shower, dishwashing, laundry, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.
Yeah, it's actually pretty disgusting how many "oil" derivatives find their way into our daily lives & products.
~ Shop locally when possible. Avoid buying products that are "not" locally made or grown.

In the end our solution hangs in the balance of our resolution to get off the worlds largest "drug dealer", the "oil cartel".

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Today on a news channel someone posted a clip of Eleanor Roosevelt from of an interview that I found particularly interesting.
While her quotes from this interview are in the context of the US vs USSR, don't they still fit in well today?

Eleanor Roosevelt, Oct 20,1957
"there is no use in belittling your rival, there is now use in putting you head in the sand and saying I don't want to know; I want to know. "

Eleanor Roosevelt, Oct 20,1957
"what we have to prove to the neutral world or the world that is judging between us all the time, is with Freedom, we can actually do more for the lives of people, then they can do with their system.
That's the important challenge, that's what we have to meet. "

It appears that our notion of the US has us under a changed notion than that of 50 yrs ago. Somehow our notion is that US = Capitalism which is an override our key way of life which is based on "Freedom with Capitalism."
When in fact if you can do as she indicates with in here 2nd quote, if we strive to succeed in showing the world and ourselves that leaving a life of Freedom in a better system, the rest will fall into line without issue.