Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rotten Apple

Well maybe that's a little harsh. In now 4 yrs of owning Macs and now on my 5th, my latest MacBook Pro had the first issue of any of my Macs to date.

It turns out that my Bluetooth card took a dump and while it was in for service, they also replaced my keys since of of the "command" buttons had a broken tab. Word of warning, turn to EBAY for keys if you only need one or even a few. They can be had for $1-5.00 ea there while Apple only sells them in a complete set for about $60.00!

Apple did have my MB back to me in 3 days, so that was cool.

So tonight was my first night since it's return to use it and now I have more issues. :(
It seems that my light sensors are having fits and the keys and monitor will just pulse for minutes at a time. Then when I try to control the lighting via F8-F10, they are jamming with the ugly "not" sign. I think something is a miss for sure which will mean another few days without my trusty sidekick.

Oh, if you never thought about an ext. warranty, consider that for a second that my MBP would have cost me $190.00 to just get fixed and that was only for a $38. BT card, $60. keyboard, and $85.00 labor.