Wednesday, October 08, 2008

It's interesting to me that so many of us in the local mountain biking community are so outgoing and desire the same goals, but yet someone seem to isolate ourselves, goals, and agendas.

In the 4 years of running, I've found few far and between that are willing or wanting to make a real "community" for mountain biking.

Somehow we remain polarized as group while other areas that have mountain biking band together like long lost brothers.

I've tried time and time again to gain interest, help promote, poke & prod, but rarely to any avail and and I'm simply stumped.

I often hear from people that they visit CCVA, but don't post.
Or they ride, but stick to their own, etc. And while I sort of understand that point of view, why is the Richmond area so much less "involved" as a whole vs. other groups that I know about.

For instance, getting folks to do group rides in NOVA, Ch'ville, or in the Triangle area is far from impossible, but in Richmond seems to be all but impossible these days.

Yeah, we have Anne's "Ride Like a Girl" Tuesday rides, every Fall-Spring the PSP night rides, and new for this year the Thursday Downtown rides, but when compared against the sheer number of riders and areas to ride, we are seriously lacking.

Now I'll admit that I'm not riding like I used too, so I'm unable to post the Sat, Sunday, and weekday rides that I used too, but it seems that all those folks who turned out in the 10's & 20's have all but vanished.

How can we get these people back? How can we get them to put out that "Call to ride?"

I fear for the opportunities missed in terms of the "brotherhood & resources" that could be gained from just a little more involvement from our local cyclists, especially when Mountain biking is supposed to be the "friendly" sport of cycling.