Friday, September 12, 2008

Missed Connection.

Can I buy a 'C'? That is a 'C' for comment, connection or both.

While most people search Craigslist for their "Missed-Connection", mine can be be aimed more accurately that simply throwing out words into the vast internet in the hopes that someone else who happened to be be within viewing distance of me ( not only by chance, but also more times than not secretly) will also just happen to repeat that encounter online on CraigLists in "MissedConnections" all while hoping they possibly remember details of an event that pretty much only happened in your head.

So to my point:
I'll be the first to admit that my banter isn't cutting edge or curiously witty, at times it's got to be worth a comment or two.

And even though I'm no ego maniac, there is a small part of me that desires to see some sort of commentary on a post time to time. While most of my yapping is merely a way to vent or self heal or promote a topic of interest, that missing element of commentary seems to have me consider that maybe I'm an isolated sole.

In person I tend to easily get along with people through conversation, so maybe through the medium of writing my talents lack that needed zest to attract a reader's attention enough to feel compelled to respond.

Please don't confuse my post with a someone who has a bruised ego as again I'll never profess to be a literary genius who can turn opening a can of soup into a novel that delivers an "emotional roller-coaster."

My desire is more basic, a simple reply of a "connection made."

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Why is that there always seems to be a slight bit of "discomfort" when we sit at an intersection in a car along side a friend who is in their car just along side us?

It's weird dynamic to see him/her, wave, and just turn away as if they aren't there at all. You want to continue to look their way to acknowledge them, but it's not like you can talk throw windows or yell 12' away to have a meaningless conversation.

So instead you give a wave or nod then pretend to have something important to do when all you're doing is scrambling to do something that looks important.

Come on, how many of you spend the whole time just thinking, "light change, please change." "Damn nothing on the radio." "We are my cd's." Or the famous, "Completely bored/uninterested" in life look."

We are such strange creatures, one's that simply can't even stand to sit quietly when we think we have even the slightly chance to chat it up.