Friday, August 01, 2008

Well thanks to the guys at Q94 who were at Rowlett's today doing give-a-ways. With some extra tickets in hand and no more stops, I was able to snag 3 seats for my first Richmond-Kickers who took on the Willington Hammerheads.

I called Lisa and Travis and we arrived a little late(7:20pm) since the game started at 7pm and I worked until then, but we found seating easy enough.

The game was pretty cool to see and even though the Hammerheads were winning 1-0, by games end the Kickers had taken control of the game scoring their second unanswered goal with only 6 minutes left.

So a huge thanks for to the guys for hooking me up with some tickets.

Leader follow...

It seems that our "Leaders" need to be renamed "Followers". I mean isn't it true to say that "Leaders lead, and followers follow."?
If it looks like a duck and acts like a duck, it must be a duck, correct?

So you may be wondering what I'm Yapping about today, well it's about the inability for us to have any real LEADERSHIP (per Wiki) within our country these days.

It seems that while we are in the middle of a huge crisis in terms of self sustainment with energy, and our government has left us for dead. I mean hey, sure they are bailing out companies bankrupt for billions, or helping those who are about the loose their second homes via the mortgage crisis, and giving tax breaks to those who can still afford vehicles that cost up to 100k and weight over 6k pounds; but what about giving a tax break to those who can't afford to fill their tanks, or health insurance.

How about an Eco-Stim. package/tax breaks for those who covert to alternate transportation like buses, trains, &/or cycling?

Opps, sorry that can't be done!

Now step in the melting Arctic where about 13% of the world oil "may" (being the operative word) reside, and now increasing tensions between even our friendly neighbors to the North (Canada) & us. All while Russia, Norway and Denmark all try to stake their claims too.

It's sick! We used to be a strong and proud country, a people based on "Nothing is too difficult" and being the first and best as something.

Why can't our government be as strong as the government that got us to the moon before the USSR? What happened to the days when PRIDE was worth more than lining the pockets of special interest groups.

At days end, we're blowing it yet again. Instead of striving to be the first Super Power off of fossil fuels, we take the easy route and join chase for more oil and sadly even this in a clear distant second or third.

And We can't even get that right. (head hung in shame)