Saturday, July 19, 2008

After 4 weeks I finally caved to the pressures of being around all the different bikes and added another to collection.

But, maybe not what you are thinking. I went road, and I went OLD SCHOOL!
In the spirit of going green, recycling, and simply being plain cool I adopted an 25-30 yr old Motobecane.

This goldy oldy will be turned into my "Retro-commuter" bike. My plans will be to restore what I can, where I can, and replace & add a few pieces where needed. I also intend to install a pannier, pack, lights, and fenders.

From some of the little research that I've done so far, it seems that most of the parts are all original, minus the grips. But from the Shimano 600 shifters, to the dérailleurs, to the Motobecane stamped cranks, this looks to be a fun restore!

More photos and updates to come...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Simply disgusting!

My weekend rant.

So yesterday we visited a local marker known as "Fresh Foods" grocery store. It was our first visit to the store since learning about it about 4 years ago, mostly because it was our understanding that it was extremely expensive.

Well, as it turns out while some items are costly there, they have some great specials and in fact some items were actually cheaper than other places that we shop. And they have a pretty interesting selection too boot, definitely worth checking out.

Now to the rant. So we were hungry and we had been craving Sushi, but our favorite Sushi joint is closed on Sundays, so while in Fresh Foods we notice the sushi people (found in all the local stores) making some sushi. We debated and debated finally settling on what to buy.

Fast forward... Shortly after getting home and eating the sushi, our neighbor comes over (his was shopping with us) and with a disgusted look says, "do you know what we just ate?" I reply, "Sushi." And that's when the informs us of fact that the sushi contained corn syrup and hydrogenated oils.

I asked how would they even fit that in the sushi and going back to read the label I see they did and where.
In the rice. When cooking the rice they add HFCS and oil and I ask you what the fuck?!

Just simply disgusting!
Rant ended.