Thursday, July 10, 2008

So last week Lisa commented that Macy's was having great sale on mattresses, on which we could really stand to replace.

So Sunday we head over to Macy's to check them out. First, there really isn't any way to compare or price shop a mattress, even Consumer Reports doesn't really rate them.

What you won't find in Consumer Reports' article is ratings or recommendations. Even after three different types of exhaustive tests, editors found themselves no closer to determining the best mattress. Editors say that's because no matter how many thousands of people test mattresses, the results still wouldn't address your own particular comfort preferences. Many credible articles repeatedly give the advice that in order to select the mattress best for you, you will need to go into a store and test the mattress you like by actually lying on it.

So as soon as we start heading towards the mattress dept, Lisa and I both eye some great leather sofas! We speed over and with weighted intent slam our butts right into some super comfy (yet modern) soft leather!

Wow, this stuff is just what we've been looking for and really wanted last year when we ended up buying some EQ3 stuff instead. The EQ3 stuff while nice, just isn't cutting it since Lisa has allergies and it was strongly suggested that leather replace any cloth possible in the house.

Quickly Lisa and I take notice that the set is on sale and at about 1/3 off retail. I know, I know, that's a joke, but still it seemed like a fair price for the quality of the leather and the overall build.

So off to mattress hunting we go, but I have to admit my mind was still on all that awesome leather. So flop on this, flop on that, each mattress felt the same with those crazy 6" quilted pads that any mattress over $500 seems to have.

Speaking of $500.00, you really don't get squat for $500 any more. Those mattresses felt like a T-shirt tossed over a box of springs.

Then finally we both found one mattress that simply felt great. I was really thinking, this is it! Then the sticker price was viewed and I almost fainted. $1700.00!!! Yeah, I know to some it's no biggy, but it's a damn mattress! So my first thought was screw the mattress, let's buy some leather for that money. At least we get 2 or three pieces of furniture.

Lisa and I we beginning to waning about the mattress and then what sealed the fate of buying the mattress was the fact that the "test" mattress was doing exactly what our el-cheapo is doing, sagging on the sides and in the middle.

So I ask you, if a "test" mattress is already sagging, what's it gonna be like after 6mo of real use!?!

So we decide to give it some further thought and walked away, but only as far as the leather sofa's that we were sitting on earlier.

Long story short, as soon as we learned that the matching chair was also a recliner, we we sold. After about 30-40min of sitting on each piece, I was ready to leave before I bought.

Unsure of the brand name, Lisa immediately did some investigation and found out it's really some quality stuff, so within about 30min of being home, Lisa was on the phone with Macy's placing an order for our new Almafi Leather Living Room Furniture Collection. Yup, we did it.

So the question was, how do we pay for it? What about the 12mo old EQ3 stuff we already have?

Answer to both, sell it! Step in Craigslist. I was totally surprised, but rather than the usual tire kickers and low ballers, CL actually worked and w/in 24hr we had someone view it and Ok the buy, within 48hrs a deposit and 72 hrs cash in hand and couches gone!

So Stella, it was nice having you and no heart feelings, but on Monday we'll be welcoming Almafi home.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Recycling that old bike. Wow, the bikes folks are dragging in to Rowlett's so that they can leave the car parked!!
Today a man approaches the door with a dusty tangled pile of green tubes, hissing and scratching noises leaching everywhere as the frozen wheels drags its limp carcass of what used to be a tire across the surface of the ground. Seatless and handlebarless; the rusted chain resembles more of an sculpted art.

"Good morning" I said to the man as I opened the door for him, with a short smile he looks up and replies, "Hello", "I need to get this working again."

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Today made it day 7, one full week of work at Rowlett's Bikes and I have to say, time has flown by like a whirlwind.

So many things impressed or have struck me about this new job. The first and foremost is the sheer volume of work that actually comes through the doors. I'm busy from the second I walk in, until the second that I leave the door. In fact, I'm usually so busy that Fred usually has to remind me to grab lunch or that it's time to leave for the day.

I sold my first bike on my 3rd day and I have to admit that while I was waiting for that to happen, I was beginning to question if it would ever happen as others around me simply appeared to be rolling streams of bikes out of the door each day. This past Sat though, the flood walls opened and 6 ro 7 of the 15 we sold I wheeled out the door. This streak continued first thing Monday morning as I actually rolled one out by 10:00am,

Perhaps the most surprising part of the job is that closer to 75% of our total sales are coming from people looking to commute; either to & from everyday errands, to jobs, or both. IMO this is simply a wonderful transformation happening within the communities we live, now the interesting notes to take will be how local governments take to the new cyclists and how they will respond to the new needs of the traffic on the roads.

Will local governments adjust road structures to create more bike friendly roadways? We have plenty of roads in Richmond that parallel each other, so maybe some of the less travelled roads should be remarked and managed to allow for cyclists so that interactions with cars can be "limited" until a riders nears his/her destination.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Endearing memory

With a silent stir;
And a mindful blur;
Two ancient sprigs crossed one another's path.

And from there is was set;
Not in stone, but no less;
A union of earth's own kind.

Intertwined, they are strong;
The rustling of leaves, their own song;
This union of the Earth's own kind.

And over time they have remained;
Alone in spirit and souls the same;
Two ancient sprigs into one became.