Friday, June 27, 2008

The last week has been nothing sort of a whirlwind!

Since the last blog:

I'm not much in the "wordy" blog ways, so here are the short versions of what's been going on this week.

On Tuesday we laid my Oma to rest. She looked so peaceful; so for her I am happy that she is in a better place free of suffering and pain. My mom and aunt are planning to fly to Germany to spread both her and her late husband's ashes. I think it's fitting that she gets to return home after 50yrs, but I admit that it'll be sad too.

I didn't mention last week, but a great opportunity came up also last Thursday. Shortly after receiving word of my Oma's decline, I really needed a way to release some energy, so I went for a ride. On that ride I came across Jared and Mike. Mike until yesterday was the goto guy for mountain bikes at Rowlett's, but he is now on the way to Cali. and wasn't having much success finding someone to take his place. Enter Jay!

After speaking with both Mike and Fred of Rowlett's, it I got the job and will be starting full-time as of Monday, June 30th!
I can't wait, more than selling I simply love helping to match up people with bikes based on fit, function, and form. It's an art to help get people on the right bike and I love just chatting up bikes too!

So if you read this, feel free to come in a see me, I can't wait to make my first sale and no worries folks, I'm not on commission!