Sunday, May 04, 2008

Finals Week 1

Well at the end of week 1 and while I'm not sure of the grade on the final in DB Mgmt, the final grade was a 'B', so I'm OK with that, should've been an 'A' though. I got lazy somewhere along the semester.

Final 2 was much, much harder which was on Friday (5/2 8am). I was in there for the full 2.5hrs and while I was able to actually answer about 85% of the questions (containing formula's) without needing to rework stuff and make it fit one of the given answer choices, I'm still nervous! Usually I excel in MC type questions, especially when dealing with definition/terms, but this exam was exceptionally hard there too. While I only need a 'D' or better to pass, a 'B' would be nice but due to a horrible exam 2, I think that might be incredibly difficult to achieve.

2 more exams and time to find some summer work...