Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I finally got off my duff and sold off some of my bike frames that I've been talking about selling for I dunno, years now!

I guess I simply getting tired of having crap everywhere and it's not like the bills will pay themselves off, right?

So I sold two in less then 24hrs which was pretty exciting. My old Titus Switchblade and my spare Salsa El Mariachi both now reside in new homes and will be well ridden.

Of course, nothing works out that smoothly, right? About 5 days after I sent the Titus to Az, I got an email saying that the buyer took the bike to the LBS for some work and they spotted a crack in the chainstay. SHIT, that just sucks! I finally sell it and it comes back to bite me in the ass.

I was lucky that the buyer was really cool and because this was a complete overlook (honest mistake) on my part, we settled us splitting the cost to fix it, but with me paying a slightly larger share as the seller. I was very happy with that and so was he , even though we both had to spend more than we wanted too.

Now to right out some checks.

Some helpful hints when selling anything. TAKE PHOTOS OF EVERYTHING!
I always take digital photos of everything that I sell, tons of them from every angle.
I mean why not? It costs nothing and can save your ass. It did mine. One reason that the person was willing to accept my offer to split the cost of fixing the issue is that my shear effort that he said I made to cover all the bases convinced him that I was nothing short of being 100% honest.