Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It seems that my attempts to do more of everything this year are working in both directions so far.
While I am indeed doing more schoolwork, everything else is falling to the wayside.

You wanna know how bad programming is for you? Look at this pic after a few hours of programming.
Just look at those nasty ass bags under my eyes!! However, thanks to selling my other laptop and also so help from the ever giving mom, I am able to take photos like this one and type this blog on my new Apple MacBookPro! It's so freakn'n sexy. For a laptop anyway.

Oh come on now, an all aluminum chassis, Intel Duo Core 2, loads of ram, New OS X Leopard & XP Pro, life is good computer wise.

Also to suffer is my riding, I haven't seen my bike in weeks and to be honest, I think that just about any ride will simply kill me now. And, as luck would have it, every day that I make time to ride ends up being a rainy day or the day after. It's getting to the point where I am about to say F-it and find a place to ride anyway because my legs are starting to cramp a lot lately. They are just begging for some sort of exercise.

Hopefully soon...