Monday, February 04, 2008

The day after...

... my worst ride in years. For SuperBowl Sunday a local group of us were planning to make a 2nd Annual trip to Sherando Park for a 20 mile ride in the mountains.

As luck would have it ice and rain poured in abundance earlier in the week all over the state of Virginia and definitely at Sherando.

Sherando isn't a place that I take lightly when it comes to foul weather, it's well known to be a temper metal mountain and I've experienced 20+ degree differences riding there between the starting point to the East and top from the West with only 2000' of elevation change to boot.

So anyway, we all agreed to head East instead and ride some of the well draining Williamsburg area trails. Well, good thing for me.

Every pedal stroke of the 6 ml loop was shear hell. I don't think that I've ever suffered so much on a bike and it was a casual ride pace too.

I swear that this ride took more effort to keep going than the Xterra event that I raced last summer, and that was my fist Tri ever, and I didn't train for it!

By the trailhead I was ready to head to the car, by mile 1 I gave up a mid-pack position for last, by mile 2 I was ready to stop and sell my bikes off as soon as I got home, and by mile 3 I knew that I had 3 mls left since it's a out& back loop.

I kept thinking that I could sell off my bikes and buy one hell of a nice comfy couch, leather, recliner, maybe even with a fridge built in and holders for a cup and the remotes!

Today I feel a little different about selling everything for that dream couch, but luckily I didn't see a furniture store on the way home yesterday.