Sunday, January 27, 2008

When faced with riding or doing something indoors during the cold months, it appears Lisa and I like the warm indoors more.

So far this year of 2008, I've ridden my bike a whopping 3 times, maybe 4 and haven't been on it since classes began on the 14th.

So today the sun was shining and temps warmed a bit, but Lisa and I voted movie instead.

We headed out to see "Cloverfield. " I didn't have too much knowledge of the movie's premise, but it seemed to be like it would be entertaining enough, so I thought, "why not."

I think we made a good choice, it was pretty entertaining and exactly as someone in a review described. "Cloverfield does for green monsters what Blair Witch did for haunting movies."

While I must admit that the first 2-3 minutes of fumbling camera shots made me a little dizzy, once the movie got moving along that same camera work really grabbed you and brought you into the action.

The first 10-15min where a little tedious to get through (read slow) the rest was all action and scare!

IMO, definitely worth the $7.00 matinée price.