Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Fat for life?

So it seems that every year I hope to loose a few more pounds, but every time a year goes by and not much has changed.

Perhaps January isn't the time of year to be measuring one's weight. Just after 2 major piehole stuffed holidays and cold weather mixed with short days make for a wonderful fat growing season.

Maybe that's it, instead of loosing fat, I should consider growing it. Would then the opposite happen and I might loose a few?

I complain, but really I'm not too sad about my weight. It's something that most might not think I really do control. By my age my father was moving in on 300+ lbs, so since I was a teenager I've always made sure not to just eat whatever came within arms length; and what does is usually done in moderation.

At 208 lbs today, I sadly wonder what I'd be if I did eat nothing but junk and fast foods. I often remind myself that despite my weight at this moment, I know it can be so much worst.

So hopefully I won't be fat for life, but only time will tell.