Tuesday, October 28, 2008

First an update to my Rotten Apple post. So it turns out that the sensors are still on the fritz, like they might fix themselves. LOL I guess I'll be needing to make an appointment soon to get it fixed, but I'll try to wait until the semester is over so I can use it and I'll just leave the backlighting off for now.

I swear that the more I hear McCain speak the more I can't stand the man and his party. Until just recently I was still in the "undecided" category. What has essentially robbed McCain of my vote is note so much what Barack is saying or doing, but it's wat McCain is saying and doing that is swinging the vote.

Just like our current El Presidente, the man is sticking to his guns despite the overwhelming evidence around him speaking to the contrary. The man faces elimination from the Presidential race and still is failing to adapt to his surroundings to win the fight.

This "My friends" is more of "the same" of what this country has been going through for the past 8 yrs!

My examples you ask? I only have time for one right now.
He continues to pursue the avenue that his tax plan vs. Obama's will have Obama increasing our spending by $1 Trillion while independent studies have been done on BOTH plans and they both look to have spending up by the same amount of debt, approx. $350 Billion. McCain is aware of this as during one debate the host offered this information to both candidates giving them a chance to respond.
While Obama adapted by acknowledging the finding and then hitting on the points of difference between the two plans, McCain went into his speech of Obama's plan to hit $1 Trillion, ignoring the question.

How is that being a Maverick? How is that being agile and ready to lead? A good leader is strong, determined, but most of all has to keep his/her cool under pressure and be able to see through the fog that placed before them.

I think debates need to be just that, a REAL debate. You know, the type questions are not screened so that we can see what kind of leader we'll have when they are "backs to the wall". This is how I want to be able to judge my next leader.

I mean come on Palin won't even stick to a script or answer a question. She has actually preceded a question with, "I'm not going to talk about that, I want to talk about this..." Come on, really?!

Ugh, what a terrible, terrible time to be in the Republican Party, Win or Loose!