Thursday, November 29, 2007


I've been blogless for the past week or so now. Mostly because I have a lot going on, yet nothing to really talk about.

Mostly school, I did get a 90 on my last calc exam which has me close to an A for the class so far; a 180 from the 40 avg.s that I was carrying in previous calc attempts.

Lisa and I are having a lot of work done to the house right now, including:
~ Resetting gutters, installing gutter guards, and having alum wrap installed on all the fascia board behind the guttering.

~ Installing vapor barrier and insulation in the crawlspace and attack.
~ Installing some new light fixtures.
~ Fixed some wiring
~ Did some wall & window work in the bathroom.
~ Having new windows installed on Sat, including alum wrap on each window.
And other little things along the way.

We also finally bought a LCD TV and all I can say is WOW!!
You must get HD TV to appreciate it, otherwise the picture looks at times less of quality than a SD TV.

Along with the TV we also got a DVR and they are pretty neat to use.
We can record up to two shows at a time and using them is really easy.
Definitely worth $11.95 a mo IMO.