Sunday, November 04, 2007


Sometimes I take it as an insult that so many of us, including myself think about every other part of the world when it comes to traveling, when most of us have seen less than 1% of what our own country has to offer.

We seem to forget that we have 49 other states besides our own, each as unique and interesting as an individual country as you would find in Europe.

Now I know that Europe is rich in world history and the largest basis for the background of North America, but even then we tend to be short sighted and fail to look beyond Europe and into the Mediterranean, Africa, and Asia.

I'm not saying that no one else thinks about this, but it seems to be far and few between. What spurs the thought on is talking with folks from England, Germany, and other European countries. While we all know that the US has it's fair share is issues, it's seldom shown that so does Europe. Over crowded streets, limited land, expense, etc.

I was very surprised to know that many European's think of the USA in terms of the Mid-West, Grand Canyon, Alaska, and the vast untouched lands that most of us have no interest in.

So, here we are looking onto the other feeling blue that they are so green, while we are actually their envy.