Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ah YouTube. Every once in a while it becomes my soul source of entertainment, and it really can be pretty funny.

Here is a gem of a Nickelback Rockstar Spoof - Popstar


So after Tuesday's canceled class because of a watermain break on campus, today I finally got my Test 2 grade.

Since I struggled through a few parts of the exam I was nothing but nerves for the last week, barely sleeping last night.

To add to the wait, the class was just about to leave as 11 minutes had passed into class time before the professor finally made it. I didn't know which I was more nervous about, him making class and finding out my grade or us getting out of class before he got there.

Once he made it, I was mixed bummed and excited, almost like that feeling you get at the start of a race.

Much to my surprise I scored my 2nd B in a row!! Although I have to admit that 6pts are from extra credit, I still scored a high 70's on my own.

It's such sad commentary when I need to be proud of scoring a "natural" C on a test, isn't it...

And to make things even better, he apologized for being late so he decided to give everyone a 6pt bonus on the Test 2. Yeah, 6pts because he was late!!! I'll take that and now my class avg is a solid B at an 87.

Speaking of relief, who about all this rain! Although I normally can't stand rain and I want to so badly just curl up in bed and sleep right now because of it; we so desperately need it!

Monday, October 22, 2007

This is so cool!

If I were to ever have a kid, this might be the sport I'd have him/her in even before mountain biking.