Saturday, October 20, 2007

I forgot to mention that Wed was also the day my mom was welcomed into the world of Lasik vision.

She come out of the operation feeling good and no real pain. She was able to see far away, but near sightedness was still a little off.

By Thursday morning she was still having issues seeing anything within 6' clearly, especially lit objects such as digital clocks, but was able to make out individual boards on the neighbors deck.

Thursday was also Test 2, which I tried my hardest to study for and I think it started out well, but became increasingly difficult as time went by. My real issue seems to be making sure what I am writing down is what should be written. I've been having a horrible time with copying numbers incorrectly, transposing numbers, and even writing what I am thinking rather that what needs to be written. Okay, so maybe I need to explain that last one.

I was multiplying some stuff out and one answer was 6x, the next should have been 5x, but in my head I was already adding 6x + 5x so I wrote down 11x. That would not have been to bad had I not written down the 6x already, or later added the 6x & 11x together. As you can see, it can get real bad fast and I have to figure out a way to keep myself focused. I try and try, but I still screw up!

Anyhow, I ended up staying 35 minutes after the test was over to finish and I am pretty sure that I got at least 3-4 wrong of the 16! Something that I am not proud of at all!!!

It's not for lack of knowing as much as it was just forgetting in the moment.
We'll see on Tuesday. Meanwhile I have a copy of the test and will be completing it at home to make sure I am ready for the next section to be taught.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Test 2!

Tomorrow morning is Test 2 in Calc. I passed my first one with a B, but I need to continue this and I hope I can.

I was wanting to study all day, but a severe headache that had me on the brink of tossing chunks most of the day had studying put off until about 7pm.

Luckily I did get a chance to study and seek out the tutor yesterday for some questions, it really helped. Tonight I was able to figure out a few more things, so I am pretty set I think.

During our review in last class, the Prof. puts up problems for us to complete as practice. For those brave enough to do this, you gain 6pts on the test for each completed, right or wrong. Well, so many failed the last test, that people were almost fighting to get to the board just to gain extra points; which pissed me off because I wanted to do a question, but some folks went up or simply stayed standing to get every question possible. F'ing ASSHATS!