Thursday, August 23, 2007

For all the good that the internet can be, the shear volume of information is just at times overwhelming.

I've been researching some ideas for a wheel build for Lisa's bike, but at times it's just too hard to make a decision that you feel any more comfortable with than had you not researched at all. In fact, I think I might feel less comfortable with just about any choice I make now.

Funny how the 1 or 2 negatives mixed in with a 100 positives still leaves you feeling you might be making a huge mistake.

Not to mention, it seems that some feedback is more personal than professional. I mean that I guess we are all guilty of that to some extent, but it doesn't help matters any.

On the flip side, in the end I just feel like saying "forget about it."

Sunday, August 19, 2007

NYC Yankees game.

Lisa & I attended our first NYC Yankee's game on Sunday. Although neither of us watch baseball, going to a MLB still something that needs to be done at least once. The same can be said for any ML sport.

Thanks Dad & Karen for the invite!

There is something about going to a pro level event that makes even the most boring sports interesting. Maybe it's knowing that you are witnessing the very best there is to offer for particular sport. Some of it is knowing that you are taking part in something much larger than just watching a game, history might be made this day and you can say that you were part of it.

Sitting high in the stadium, just off 3rd base gave a great view of all the field and crowds. Directly across the field from us in deep right-hand field is a smaller set of bleachers by which the "residence/attendees" are commonly known as and referred to as the "Bleacher Creatures".

These folks are one-of-a-kind, calling out the names for each Yankee when they first get on to the field and repeat that name until the players look to them and wave in acknowledgment. They also can be quite the little antagonizers, but really is awfully funny stuff!

The game ended in a 9-3 Yankee's win over Detroit. We were only able to stay til the bottom of the 5th, but we listened to the rest of it on the way home. We certainly missed a couple of huge plays, but that's teh breaks of the game when you still have a 6 hr drive ahead of you.