Friday, August 17, 2007

Lisa was nothing short of a good sport on her birthday. It started out well enough with warm birthday wished and plans to mountain bike at Ringwood State Park, but that quickly fell to the wayside as car problems forced us to change plans as we were on our way to the park.

The basic breakdown for the day went like this:

8:30am: Breakfast
9am: Coffee shop
10am: On our way to Ringwood State Park
10:20am: Exit 287N to Ringwood Ave
10:21am: Here pop while making turn, Hmmm???
10:22am: Car won't move! @#%&#
10:23 am: Push car off road
10:25am: Pull out jack
10:30am: Find broken CV joint on 1/2 shaft just replaced in June!
10:35am: On phone with Local Subi dealer
10:40am: AAA is sending a truck
10:55am: Tow arrives
11:20: At Dealership
11:40: We leave on bikes determined to ride somewhere.
By 12:30 we went around a lot of Wayne & Pompton Lakes.
We found Pompton Cycles on Wanaque, the owner(?) greeted us before we could walk in because he was interested in my 29r. Nice guy.
He was able to give us the 411 on close by trails, so we headed out!

From 12 - 4 we spent the large part of that time logging in about 20 mls via road (10) & trail (10).

We also found & ate some Tony's Pizza. Yum!!!
4:15pm, dropped $342.00 to get car out of shop.

We'll try again soon. (Meaning next visit!)

Monday, August 13, 2007

NJ here we come!

Planned a trip to NJ for Lisa and I; with a side trip to NYC for a day or two.

First we need to figure out, take the pups, or forget about it and kennel them.

It's Lisa's birthday on the 17th, so we kinda want to feel untethered from the girls for a few days, but the added cost is hard to completely justify. (About $300.) for 4 days of boarding. Which isn't too bad, but then hotel stays and other expenses, next thing you know, $1k easy!

So we'll see. We decided to add some mountain biking to the trip also. Well, if we end up taking the pups and not going in to NYC for a few days. NJ has some great trails that can be checked out here, at