Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mac Valentines

Despite my intentions to exercise more, it seems that my true desire is not there. Mind you that I have never been the pillar of go-getterness, but I've usually been somewhat good at doing what I say.

It seems that somehow over the last few years I have found it easier to say what I want to do and make excuses to not follow through. Do me a favor, if you read this, post a comment. It can just read "comment", but that way I know that there is a checks & balances of some sort to keep me honest. Even blogging about my new behavior traits is not enough to look myself in the mirror and demand a follow through to my actually create resolve in my life.

Do to my procrastination, I never finished my "Degree of Interdisciplinary Studies" to turn in for approval. Although VCU did not help too much in the matter, as getting a meeting with an advisor takes 2 weeks at a time; and when questions are abundant, it makes it extremely difficult to ... Nevermind! It's MY FAULT, period. Ouch, that one hurt.

I have to get out and ride or run more though, I get these light "pains" in my legs when I don't get out enough. It's my legs yelling at me, saying "GET OUT AND MOVE ME FATASS!"

Really, it's my ligaments & tendons tightening up from underuse. It's a pretty weird feeling, almost a feeling of what you think it would feel like to be a piece of fruit drying up when naked to the hot summers sun.

One issue that I can't seem to resolve is my "tennis elbow", not from tennis, but from swinging an ax for a few months. I've been having the issue ON/OFF for the last 3-4 weeks, and it just won't go away. During discgolf yesterday, I was barely able to make my throws after about hole 12.

Well, I need to get ready to do something of exercise, chat more later...