Thursday, June 07, 2007

Yesterday was torture for me. Running (especially hilly XC) really beats the hell out of you. My quads have not been my friends for the past few days; well, since the run anyway. Considering how stiff and sore I felt, I tried to loosen them up by taking the bike out for a gentle spin on Wed, but they really didn't like that either.

I quickly learned that it's not so much the activity of doing the exercise that will get me, it's the afterwards that shows I need "conditioning" instead of training. So there is an upside to this, I can do it, but just suffer afterwards.

After Xterra next week I am supposed to head to Douthat with my girl for a few days. We'll see when the time comes how I feel. Either way I'll be going, it's more about how much lounging vs. riding I'll be doing.

Today I took a different approach to my stiff and sore legs and did some yard work. This helped more than cycling as it used a whole other set of muscles and the work itself took my mind off any soreness.

From that, I did get a fair share of vines, weeds, and dirt removed from areas of the yard, next is further cleaning it up and planting my really, really, really late garden! Luckily here in Va, I can afford to plant late since some things will grow until early Nov!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Once again I'll be putting a delay on fixing my Corrado. It's only been a year since I bought some of the parts.
Today I'll be meeting with one of the guys from JRPS so that I can reface a bridge, maybe two.

Yesterday I decided to take a run since the trails were wet. So I took to the trails at FHP and was able to complete 95% of the trails in about 40 min. (39 to be exact).

I was able to make the first mile to mile & 1/2 before needing to walk a little, Then I made it to about mile 2.5 before needing to walk. I took the run pretty easy, but it was pretty punishing to run downhill that much. My legs are pretty sore today from yesterday's run.

Just after my last walk at mile 2.5 I started up the switchbacks just beyond the concrete bridge, I was just starting to round the first corner and my calve locked up. I seem to have this issue when running outdoors, but on the treadmill it's non-existant.

Despite trying to messege it out, it wasn't going to go away. I limped up the switchbacks and slowly added pressure to the calve. within a few 100 yards I felt well enough to continue, but I stayed on the upper part of the park which is level and completed my run. In total I ran about 3.5 miles in 39 min, walking about 5-8min of that.

Today, I still feel sore, but nothing too out of the norm for running 3.5 mls for the first time in 4 months and the first time outdoors in about 8 mos.

My calve is still messed up, but I think that as long as I stay away from running for the next week, I should be fine for the Xterra.

Friday is the Xterra pre-swim, same for Sat morning and the following Friday. Since this is something I haven't done in about 6-7 years, I'll be looking for every chance to acclimate to the water.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Slow time typing

My story telling on the blog has been fading fast, although since I don't receive many comments, I am unsure of who if anyone is even reading it to care. LOL

Life's been pretty busy so far this summer break with all the yard work and all. Lisa and I have cleared out both fence lines that were draped in vines and poison, as well as planted grass, installed a patio, build a partial fence so that we can install a driveway and plenty more. In fact the list seems down right short, but the work involved and the progess was nothing short of a miracle. We are even having a positive affect on the neighbors and they are asking "how to" questions to fix up there own yards. Although many are already nice looking, it's nice to see that we are gaining some notice and respect within the neighborhood enough for people to talk with us.

All my parts are in for the Corrado, so I should be heading to Fredericksburg for my car care days soon. In the chest of goodies to install will be:
rear calipers, emergency brake cables, fuel filter, oil change, E-codes(euro headlamps), sport springs, 2 hoses,Stainless brakelines, and a few more things.

Upcoming will also be my planning of my degree for VCU as the July 1 deadline will be approaching fast!

I am also considering entering the Xterra Sport race, but that remains to be seen. I have not run in at least 3 months, nor swum in close to 3 or 4 years.
I figure my goal will be to finish and not worry about my "place" within the race. Not training will give me that "just do it" mentality. I say that I don't care to race, but sometimes I wonder if it's because I am afraid to do badly although I have no desire to train to do well. Sometimes I can be my own worst enemy.

Why would I even think about a TRI? It's Jared's fault. I look up to my friend Jared for his ability to not only have an interest in things, but to do them and have fun at it too. He always seems to have fun pushing himself and that enjoyment (and genetics) help him to not only complete races and such, but to do so and win.

I joke about him & others like him of stealing my desire to compete. Over achievers I call them, not leaving any desire to achieve for me. LOL

He knows I'm joking though. Anyhow, Jared did an Xterra event in W.VA this weekend and it looked like tons of fun. The course looked pretty brutal, but the people were so cool, it was more like friends fighting for a "king of the day" title than a race.

So who knows, maybe I may try it...

All I know is that I called Jared tonight to ask about the swim portion of last year's race and nex thing I know I am meeting him at the river at 8am to try and swim it. YIKES!