Thursday, May 24, 2007

Today's Ride...

Well, I've been super busy lately so my riding has suffered for it.
Today was only my 3rd ride in 3 or 4 weeks and I only live 1/4ml from the singletrack in downtown Richmond.

Last night was a friends B-day party and for the first time in god knows 10-15 yrs, I was super hammered! Legend's Brown Ale was on hand and I drank 4 full liters between the hours of 6 & 11pm.

Surprisingly I felt pretty much no less for wear this morning, so I decided to head out for a quick loop of the JRPS in Richmond, Va. The bike of choice, my El Mariachi.

In the few months I've owned her (bought a complete set-up), changes made have been the addition of a Moots Ti seatpost & handlebar, Ergon grips, my old Specialized saddle, and most recently a pair of Magura Marta SL brakes.

The photo was taken on the North Trail, just before the new whoops & berm sections.

While on my ride today, I felt good enough to due a second lap, so I totaled up about 25-27 miles by days end. I guess all those beer carbs from last night paid off.

For doing a second lap I was rewarded with a beautiful view of a young lady sun bathing nude on the "rocks" on the south side of Belle Island. I wasn't sure while she was laying down, from the distance between them & me, she could've been wearing a thong or something, but just as I was getting ready to continue on my way, she stood up and YUP, she was stark naked!

I still can't believe it, although with some of the kids around here, I knew it was a matter of time. In some ways, I'm surprised it took me 6 yrs of living in Richmond to see my first public nude.