Thursday, May 10, 2007

I can't believe that it's been almost a month since I last posted. Days seem to have gotten shorter and the to-do list longer as the sunlight seems to linger around more in this spring time.

Sadly, in this absence of my posting here, I have also had an absence of riding too, so I can't even blame my lacking of writings on something as fun as mountain biking.

Mostly my business came from the semester winding down which meant the work load winding up! For some reason my classes this semester centered around group projects. I know, I know, most do no a days. To this point I was pretty fortunate to have maybe one group project a semester, maybe two, but this semester was all different as one of my group projects was for the whole semester.

The drama:
So ever week we learned a new feature of Sys Design & Analysis and we where given a few days to accomplish a like task for our project. This took a lot of time, especially when one teammate who has been good in the past seemed to "not care" too much this semester in this class. The 3rd guy could barely speak English, so this left me to do most of the work.

One thing that pisses me off is know looking back, guy 1 was kinda selfish as in another class that we happened to share, he didn't want to work together where I could've used some help. I didn't pass the class and new that I should've dropped it. It wasn't that I don't know all the material, I was just struggling with a few things that working with in a group would've help me understand better.

I just might have to rethink future projects with him based on this, but too late now.

I did pass the class that I failed last semester, it was my first failure or the first time I earned less than a C in the 4 years of being back in school! My ego (for lack of better words) was completely destroyed with that grade and the dropping of all my other classes. All because of calculus! I'm afraid that calculus and I had the same result again this semester and I am unsure of what this means for my VCU career.

Speaking of VCU, I have to ready myself for my appointment with the School of Interdisciplinary Studies, I am most likely trying to get in there to finish up VCU and avoid Calc.