Wednesday, March 07, 2007

1) I know that the founders of out country purposely created a government of grind and gridlock, but if you watch CSPAN or like TV, it just becomes to drumming on the ears.

To me it creates deafness to the mass public; as we want and expect change, not feuds and bickering.

2) How is it that as a Citizen on the United States of America, I am entitled to grants and loans to pay for my college education, yet as an illegal alien, many of those folks are alloted 100% tuition coverage by way of grants?

I am the citizen are I? We is our country's loyalty to it's citizens, by which it daily asks for loyalty from us.

3) How is it that we as a country can yet again pay for a Haliburton company to earn higher profits then ever in it's history; while they in return let our military down one more time. The powers that be privatized many of our military resources to Haliburton during the last 6 yrs, one of them being Walter Read Hospital. Yet as they make money hand over fist, our service men and women are subjected to cramped and overcrowded area, mold, holes in walls, and failing equipment!

These conditions are not even conditions most would allow our pets to live in, yet Uncle Sam and Haliburton seen it to be fitting for those giving everything for our country!

If prisioners in jail were subjected to these conditions, JessJack & RevAlShar would be all over the media talking about the great injustice, but were are they now?

It simply makes me sick to my stomach to think that so many of us who truly believe in, " live a good & honest life", while so many others seem to be doing better being just the opposite.