Saturday, March 03, 2007

Week wrap up

It's been a fairly busy week, but alas I have procrastinated in some of my studies. Next week will be a horror of a week and it ends the mid-semester heading into spring break. I will have 3 exams and 3 projects all due on Wed and Thursday.

I see a lot of relaxation through the liberal use of beer after that; although I alwayu say that and it never happens. I really hate the feeling of being hungover, smelling like smoke, and being dehydrated.

On a plus side, I was able to run 3.6 mls at one time. That was with some walking involved too. It took about 40 minutes including a 15 min of warm-up/cool down time yielding .6 mls. So I guess I was able to complete 3 mls in about 25 min. About 30 min later on the way home, I say an outdoor track so I stopped and gave it a whirl, completing 1 ml in about 9 min. with warm-up.
That was tough because I was really beat already!

I also got in 2 great rides on the new Salsa El Mariachi! This bike simply rocks. Fully rigid, gearing is 1x9 and it handles like a true XC bike. In total, I logged in about 30 mls on it since Monday.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Someone recently reminded me that the clinical definition of crazy is someone that keeps repeating the same actions expecting different results.

Maybe this is true as despite my harder efforts this semester, I wasn't even able to muster a 30 on my first calculus exam! I just don't get it; and I am not talking about the material either. Well that too. But I go to class, it seems easy enough. I go home and do homework, it sometimes seems easy enough. I even do the special online practice problems and do well! I take the exam and fail miserably!

I just don't understand how this can be so damn hard.

Is there a magic pill I can take? Can I get some sort of implant? Sell my soul? What!?!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Balancing Act

I knew it had been a few months, but it wasn't until today that I realized that I had not balanced my check-book since 7/27/06!

Now don't get me wrong, I look over my statements every month to make sure I recognize or I should say, can spot anything out of the ordinary, but otherwise that is about it.

I got about 100 receipts organized and ready for entry with all my statements before I nixed the whole idea for starting from from Jan 1, 2007!

After finishing up the check book, I decided to pay all my bills for the next two month s and log them in the ahead of time, this way I can be lazy again. LOL

I also finally bottled beer #10, my Wit-bier. I was lazy and used two mini-kegs (1.3 gal each) and bottled the rest.

Now I am just trying to catch up on some blogs and get ready for class in the am.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lisa and I got around to completing some of our "ToDo" list items for the new house. After 6 months, we finally got around to getting some decorations for the kitchen, installing some molding on the back door, and finally pulled out the brick landing that the wood stove sat on in the livingroom. Phase two will be removing the brick backing which should expose the original fireplace.
PhotoBlog of Livingroom

Then on Sunday, I headed to DC with the family to celebrate my mom's birthday at a Caps game. It was pretty cool too, being that I am from Jersey it was a win/win situation as the game was Caps vs. Devils. It was also bitter sweet in the aspect that I finally got to see Zednik play for the Caps for the first time since he was traded 5 years ago. The bitter part is that he was traded again today. The Caps GM is a real strange guy, there is no doubt about it. I understand the reason for the trade, and we might even sign Zed again for next season as he will be a free agent at season's end.