Wednesday, February 14, 2007

With a silent stir;
And a mindful blur;
Two ancient sprigs crossed one another's path.

And from there is was set;
Not in stone, but no less;
A union of the Earth's own kind.

Intertwined, they are strong;
The rustling of leaves, their own songs.
This union of the Earth's own kind.

And over time they have remained;
Alone in spirit and soul the same;
Two ancient sprigs into one they became.

Happy Valentines' Day.
Written By: Lisa Lambrecht 2007.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Rock On!!

So here we are a few weeks into classes and I have to say, this semester in going a much better than last semester.

Calc is still punishing me to know end. I get the work in class, but having to test on it kills me every time. I don't get it either, because while in class, I race to get the problems done before she works through them and I get the correct answer then. But quiz's still = sucky grades!

But let's move on. My first project for Java saw me receiving a 75, trust me, that is good considering the time and requirements. I really thought no better than mid 60's.

Lastly, my Mgmt 320 class brought me a whopping 87 on my first exam!! Now that is what I am talking about! I think that is higher than 3 of my exams tallied together last semester. And mind you, 85-100 = A, 7-84 = B, 60-74 = C, 50-59 = D because his class is that hard.

So I am living the good life right now.

Side Notes:
Here are some great photos of a trip to Clifton Forge, Va that I took with my mom last week.Clifton Forge Photos

I also recently picked up a new 2007 Salsa El Mariachi! She is beautiful!!
Made of OX Platinum Steel tubing, this bike simply rocks on the trails even those she is fully rigid!! For a 29r, she is super quick in handling and climbs really well even through the rough stuff.

Look to see a better write up soon enough.