Thursday, February 01, 2007

Lisa and I visited Douthat State Park this weekend as park of our annual after Christmas retreat.

It's a wonderfully beautiful park that is one of only 3 state parks in Va friendly to mountain biking. Perhaps the best part of the park is that it's within eye shot of West Va, so you know that you are in the middle of nowhere! No phones, computers,no cell, no tv! Life is grand!!

I am continually amazed on how much time there is in a day when you remove computers and tv's from our lives.

Our trip was a 3 day, 2 night stay in a cabin. The cabin were built in the 1920/30's by the CCV and are pretty much all original in structure, with the exception of added heating/air, electric, and plumbing; None of which you will hear me complaint about, especially on a 20* night.

It turns out that we are not the only ones who found our cabin a nice place to shelter from the winters air. At about 1am we awoke to chirping and all sorts of racket, apparently the cabin has some squirrel inhabitants in both the ceiling and the the crawlspace.

These little suckers certainly don't know it's time to sleep as they fought and tromped around for the better part of the next 3 hours. This repeated the following night also, but at least Lisa was a little more at ease than on night one where she thought that they might "attack". Because squirrel always chase you when you see them on the street. LOL

We did get a chance to ride also, this was pretty cool as this was our first snow ride in quite sometime. Richmond hardly ever sees any snow, and if so it never sticks. I mean what's the point in snow if it won't stick and accumulate?

Anyhow, the ride almost didn't take place. We were prepping the bikes for the ride and the brand new pump we bought decided to not work beyond a lets say, 20psi. Even though Lisa is light, there is no way I am heading to the trails with so little air in the tires, we'll pinch flat in 5 minutes!

So after a ton of fooling with the pump to make it work, it turns out that the pump completely is inoperable and now completely flattened the tire! Being the pisspot that I can be, I smash the worthless crap made of alum & plastic into a million pieces.

Opps, I'll have to finish up late, I'll let this point be the "CliffHanger".
Do we ride? Yes or No?

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Title is Title

So it's been a few days since the last blog entry. Not too much has been going on here except for homework, homework, homework!

I should look at it as fun, but sometimes that is just too hard to do! I finally got a Calc book so I am diving into that head first and trying to play catch-up! Quiz 1 is in the am and the book just came in yesterday.

I was practicing so many problems I used enough paper to kill 10 trees! Discouraged from that I went out today and purchased a "Dry-Erase" board (as seen above) to do my practice work on. I figured it'll help out a little. Plus it's fun to use. LOL.

Over the past week I went to Douthat with Lisa and the girls, but I'll write more on that later and "back date" the entry.

I've been working on club issues, plans, and strategies to help pull my part in making Richmond-MORE even more appealing for everyone.

Lisa and I finally received the call that our night table came in and we got home and opened it, we found a huge hole in the middle of it. So back to EQ3 again. They are going to hate us, considering when we picked up the piece tonight, we brought back one piece for warranty work already. I guess we shouldn't be the ones worrying about being liked/disliked as it is us spending the money.

A side note, the quality of their furniture really isn't too bad, one piece was a manufacturing issue, but the piece tonight was a shipping problem.

Anyway, gotta head back to the books!