Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Today was day one of my Spring2007 session. I have to say that it felt good to be back on campus and to feel like I had a "purpose" to my day. Classes are mostly a mirror image of last semester since that was so shitty.
Right now it's Calc, OpMgmt, SysAnalysis&Desgn (I wasn't gonna abbreviate to Anal) and Java350.

Right now I'm looking to add one class to the mix, maybe get rid of one of the more labor intensive classes instead.

Since I spoke with the BIS School last week about transferring to them as a degree track, I won't need any of my Bus classes from this semester really anyway.

Bikes: I also keep getting this wild hair about getting a quality 29er and getting rid of the Titus and the C'dale hardtail. That'll leave me with 2 bikes, the Scalpel and the 29r.
I think that might be a combo.

We'll see!

Other: Wow, Xbox rules! I've been missing out for years now with a crappy PS2. Graphics, speed, load times, etc all rock on the Xbox. And I am referring to the Original, not the 360*.

Halo is a pretty cool game. I also have football that I think looks nice, but is so damn complicated. I just wanna push buttons and play the game.