Sunday, December 16, 2007

ToysR Us = BUST

Today was my first visit to a ToysRUs store is at least 10 yrs and being that I am a 5yr old trapped in this 37 yr old body, I was super giddy and sported a grin from ear to ear as we approached the store's entrance.

But once we walked through the doors, my joyous world instantly collapsed around me. Lisa clinched my hand so tight that within 30 seconds of being in the store I felt tingling in my fingers.

Help, Help, kids everywhere! Running, crying, grabbing, crawling, clawing, yelling, and fighting. It was like a nightmare staged in daycare center. I felt Lisa's eyes scrambling to locate the nearest exit, but we needed to press on so that we might find that perfect gift for our niece Sofia.

It was truly scary as we passed isle after isle in complete disarray. Empty boxes from restocking blocked off corridors while parents crammed past each other in a sea of strollers like bumper cars at King's Dominion.

Bumps and nudges with pardon me, excuse me, can I get by, on your left, on your right, passing, passing, "Little Johnny get over here!", "where is your sister?". Wait, why should "Little Johnny" know the sisters whereabouts?!

Toy stores aren't playgrounds for the kids, you need to leash them, especially this time of year. At one point Lisa pulled back on my arm so that I would turn to her and as I did she thanks me. "Thank you, Thank you for not wanting kids!" "I simply couldn't imagine dealing with it." "Thank you again." I'm thinking that I can use this "Thanks" as a way to get my way later. HeHeHe... Hey, I may not want kids, but I like to go through the motions still. LOL

5hrs, I mean 15 minutes later Lisa and I are just short of running out the door (the only reason we didn't run is because security might think we were stealing) with a very unsuccessful attempt to locate that perfect gift.

I was completely disappointed in the store though, they lost so many sales simply because the selves were empty and/or chaotic. Maybe their plan is to create mass hysteria and thus make people think that if they don't buy what left, they might not find anything at all.

Either way, I felt cheated...