Saturday, November 03, 2007

Hungry eyes = upset stomach.

Tonight Lisa and I decided to go out for some dessert, but instead of heading to a local Cafe' we opted to hit Ukrops instead so that we could buy a whole cake or something.

Well, 15 minutes late we are walking out with a a rotisserie chicken, 1/2 rack of ribs, a loaf of fresh bakery bread, bakery ├ęclairs, and a 1/2 gal of Edy's GirlScout Somoas ice cream!

Okay, so all that wasn't to eat tonight, but I did tear into the ribs, followed by an ├ęclair and a scoop of ice cream. Man I feel like a little kid again as I sit here with my aching stomach from eating so much crap.

I learned tonight that I just don't fancy the super sweet stuff anymore, my foods need to have more flavor to suit my tastes. Pardon the pun.

Well, tomorrow I'll be spinning the legs to work off all the eats from tonight.