Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cycling depressed

I bought a new (Okay used) 29r last FrIday but I have yet to get a single ride in yet. It's been nothing but go-go-go and I've been pretty busy this week trying to earn some $$.

On the plus side, the house that I am painting is about a day and a half in and I think another 2-3 days and I'm done. I now understand why the painter wanted to charge $2300-2500 to paint it.

Anyhow, my lack of riding has been having me feeling a little down and unlike some that get sore/stiff after exercise, I get that way if I don't exercise. Hopefully I'll get in a ride before Friday, but I really want to get this house done too.

Lisa's brother will be coming to Va in the next 2 weeks and our bathroom is torn apart. So after the house is painted the bathroom will be getting it's facelift, well more like a "makeover." Its more like smoothing out the 65 yr old walls, stripping and repainting the windows, re-caulking the tub, floor, and replacing the mirror/med cab., towels holders, etc.

I also got word today that my motorcycle will be really happening!! My brother has a 76 Kawi KZ 450 that looks a little like the photo, but in blue and since he has 3 other bikes, he's feeling a little generous.

Okay, I am not to sure what this photo is about, they saw photos are worth a 1000 words, so post your comments about it.


JB said...

I'm not sure I could post publicly what I'm thinking.

Or what she could be thinking either .....

Could be a publicity shot for the new movie :