Friday, September 28, 2007

Itchy Itchy, ya ya dada

Itchy Itchy, ya ya dada;
Itchy Itchy, ya ya here;
Scratchy Spots a lotta, yeah yeah!

I think I am well on my way to creating my first Chigger tribute song!
My second ones will be based on Tim's "Chigga' Plez!"

Being in my forth day of itchy bliss and doing a lot of research, I can dispel a few notions about chiggers. Have I said that I have no fewer than 150-200 Chigger bites?! Yeah, it's that bad!

1) Chigger larvae are what cause the bumps on your skin. And while they prefer to stay off humans, they will wonder on if left no real choice.

2) They don't burrow into your skin, they are actually so small (can't be seen by the human eye) that they simply attach to hair follicles and inject a solution that liquefies your flesh so they can feed.

3) Bumps appear in 8-24hrs after being bit and once they feed they begin their transformation into an adult, known as a Chigger.

4) Chiggers are super tiny, the largest being no bigger than a sharp pencil tip!
Yeah, they are very hard to see.

5) By the time they are adults, they are no longer a threat to you as they feed on plant life at that point.

6) You may catch them just before they "detach", look at your bite mark and if the center looks brownish, chance are it's an adult chigger.

What I've used to control the itching, and what worked for me.
Hot shower or bath. Oh yeah! Talk about feeling alive!
When you insert you hurting, itching skin into a hot bath you instantly feel like you're on fire, chilled, and for a lack of a better word, a giant scratching orgasm!

Usually a good 5-10 minutes makes you feel good for about an hour or so.

Bactine Spray = good temp relief as well as an antibacterial for keeping infection down.

Benadryl Clear Lotion = Good relief for a few hours, but I warn you not to figit otherwise itching comes back fast!

Benadryl Tabs = Good for sleeping, but can have you feeling tired or hungover after a sleep.

Vick's Vapor Rub
= Best Itch solution for hours on end!
This may burn a second if rubbed/scratched area is really raw!
I even tried this on real current itchy areas and was almost instantly fine!

Did not work!
Cortizone-10 = Did nothing to control the itch.

Hopefully this can help someone out so that they don't have to keep reading 500 different articles on what chiggers are and how to get rid of them. Although my guess is this post will simply make it 501 articles to read!

Lastly, wash everything that you wore the day you got chiggers in HOT water; and wipe down all surfaces that you came in contact with with some sort of cleaning solution.
IE: car seats, couch, bike, etc.


JTP said...

All of my chiggers are long gone, but still bearing the scars... ;-(

You forgot about the most important chigger remedy out there...


No, you don't pour it on the chiggers, you drink it until you don't care about the itching anymore...