Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Truth be told...

Scales & photos don't lie like our eyes do.

After my Xterra experience I was forced to face a few facts, OK 1. I'm FAT!
Am I as large as some, no. Am I as small as some, that is a resounding HELL NO!

I feel a little more like our friend Homer Simpson than I do me these days.

So after a little soul searching, I decided (along with Lisa) to finally invest in a scale, something that I haven't seen in years. Wow, scales have come a long way since the day of yester. Confused by all the gimmicks and such, Lisa and I settled on a WeightWatchers scale which allows for up to 4 user profiles and tells you your weight and BodyFat %. There was one a little more money (twice the price) that actually tells your water % too, but $60.00 is a lot for a scale.

Moment of truth came yesterday morning when I got on the scale and in fact I believe the reading came back "FAT ASS!". OK, not really, but I certainly was a little heavier than I feel comfortable with, like 208lbs @ a whopping 28.1% body fat.

YIKES, no wonder I wasn't as cold as the others I was swimming with last week, I am a whale in comparison.

Well, enough said about my weight and now what am I to do about it? Lisa and I have both added about the same weight since we've been together, the only thing is Lisa has gained an 1" of height and doesn't show her extra baggage like the other.

So at a claimed 28 body fat @ 208, I can loose about 55lbs to get to a 153lb and be ZERO BF, but that is just not possible, so a more realistic goal would be to take that NET weight of 153 and add 15% to it. (Under 20% for a male is OK)

At 15% BF, My target goal is 177lbs, but to be honest I'd be happy around 180-183lbs, something I haven't seen in about 7 - 8 years. I usually hover around 187-192 in summer and 200lbs in winter.

Diet is not the issue, as I eat well. I barely eat foods that are premade besides turkey sausage, spaghetti, etc; unless we eat out. Even then Lisa and I usually eat at places that like Mexican, Pizza, or Sushi which is all made to order.

Lisa and I do splurge and hit Five Guys once is a while, but that might come to a halt soon after viewing their Nutrition Facts. You see, they claim the use of "lean" meat, but what is considered lean?
In fact, 1 beef patty is 19gr of fat (280 cals), a bun 9gr (250 cals), and fries 1/2 serving = 310 cals @ 15gr of fat.

So a typical dinner sees each of use eating a min. of 45gr of fat and about 900 cals, not to mention any peanuts that you eat while waiting for your food. Now this is muc h better than Mikey D's or BK which have burgers that put a Five Guys whole dinner to shame in fat content.

Still, that doesn't make me feel much better and is an easy way to drop an extra 1000-2000 cals per month from my diet. Mind you, every 3000 cals = 1 lb of fat.

So, I will stick with my diet for fresh foods, most uncooked when possibly and cooked when needed. I will increase my intake of leaner cuts of meat like chicken, turkey, and even pork <-- YES, you can have lean cuts of pork.

So Goal one: Loose 10 - 15 lbs by Sept 1, 2007. It'll be the remaining 10- 15 lbs that will be the hardest and longer to drop.