Saturday, March 03, 2007

Week wrap up

It's been a fairly busy week, but alas I have procrastinated in some of my studies. Next week will be a horror of a week and it ends the mid-semester heading into spring break. I will have 3 exams and 3 projects all due on Wed and Thursday.

I see a lot of relaxation through the liberal use of beer after that; although I alwayu say that and it never happens. I really hate the feeling of being hungover, smelling like smoke, and being dehydrated.

On a plus side, I was able to run 3.6 mls at one time. That was with some walking involved too. It took about 40 minutes including a 15 min of warm-up/cool down time yielding .6 mls. So I guess I was able to complete 3 mls in about 25 min. About 30 min later on the way home, I say an outdoor track so I stopped and gave it a whirl, completing 1 ml in about 9 min. with warm-up.
That was tough because I was really beat already!

I also got in 2 great rides on the new Salsa El Mariachi! This bike simply rocks. Fully rigid, gearing is 1x9 and it handles like a true XC bike. In total, I logged in about 30 mls on it since Monday.