Thursday, March 22, 2007

Love is knowing Lisa

It's a beautiful thing when two people enjoy being around each other and doing so much together as we do. After 17 years we just haven't grown tired of one another and I doubt that will ever happen.

A lot of our success is based on us talking a lot. She might argue that point, but we do. Neither of us let's the other get too compliant, while neither of us forces our will either.

We share a delicate blend of sharing thoughts of praise or dislikes, doubts, troubles and love keep us going strong.

In the end it's that smile she has, the one you notice as she speaks with enthusiasm or laughs. It always seems grab me as if I was laying eyes on her for the very first time.


Amblus said...

Talking a lot? You? I don't believe it. But you are on to something - Lisa is awesome.

f5000sl said...

I know me and talking are hard to fit in the same sentence. LOL