Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Kiss my ass MS

As a old pc user I have to admit that Mircosoft for all it's issues certainly had something to bring to the table too. They made product that was IMO fairly easy to use. Now I am talking about stuff like Office and moving around the OS, not artsy stuff or line-command crap.

Even though I never had an issue with my pc, over the summer an Apple iMac grabbed my attention one day, next thing I knew I own an Intel core-duo 2.0ghz Apple. Loaded to the hilt and all 20" of display surrounded by that wonderfully simple white casing. Simply to gorgeous to ignore.

So fast forward 6 months, the Apple has been pretty good to me so far, but certainly not the mindless non-hanging computer that people rave about. Sure, I've been virus free for 6 months and I don't have to use Anti-virus protection to be that way, but at what cost??

Well, for starters, all my old software needed to be replaced with that which will work on a MAC. In the windows world there are a lot of quality free software programs, especially for web design. On the Mac, good luck with that! No problem, right? Hand coding is good for the sole. It also takes a lot of freak'n time.

So how about other programs? Well, finding one that works as seamless for Java as JCreator is pretty tough. This made my programming class twice as hard as I had to learn how to connect the IDE & the compiler.

Of course, being in college I also need to have an Office suite, so I buy MAC2004, MS's office for Mac. It comes with Word, Excel, PP, & Entourage. I think great, It'll be familiar and being that I have so many docs and emails on the pc to move to the Mac, this will make life easy!

Yeah, Bullshit! I think MS sells stuff for Mac just to piss on those that buy a Mac. They certainly aren't doing themselves any favors or creating any new clients by selling their Mac version garbage.

Yes, the install was easy, but so are all installs on Mac. A simple drag-N-drop for most things makes installs painless! That said, MS Office looks and acts nothing like Office on a pc. Sure, it's a Mac, but still have some backbone MS, if someone is buying your product over an Apple equal, it's for a reason and that is called familiarity!!

So one day I go to get a template online for Excel, that is until MS sends a pop-up to the screen telling me that my OS does not support their downloads! What the fuck?? Don't I own MS Office? I think I fucking do! So this is my first FUCK YOU MICROSOFT!

So, the best part is when I want to grab all my Outlook data and move it to my Mac. Surely this won't be an issue, right? WRONG!! As Microsoft waves the big middle finger at me. For some reason, despite some 5 million lines of code and 1000's of programmers working for MS, they can't make it so that MS OFFICE and MS MAC2004 can talk to each other! Every attempt to import to MS Entourage from my Outlook export ended in a heaping file of shit on my desktop!

After researching this issue, I found a program that can convert the Outlook files to files that Entourage can read. Yeah, a 3rd party figured it out and sells the program for $10.00. I figured, why the hell not. It did work, but sadly it still didn't import as smoothly and seamlessly as promised. Data was certainly lost and most of that was via my contacts. I'm glad I was not a business!

I tried to bypass this BS by forwarding all important emails from my Outlook to my email accounts, then logging in via my MAC and retrieving the info that way. This approach took a while, but worked where I needed it to.

In the end, I have learned the both MAC and PC both have their strengths and weaknesses, but I can tell you that MS has really lost my respect after the shit they have pulled with these completely lame duck programs.