Saturday, January 13, 2007

Just ramblings...

It's been a few days since my last post and this post is mostly just about a few miscellaneous things that have been going down lately.

Earlier this week I had an appointment with the School of Interdisciplinary Studies at VCU. Essentially, this School allows the under grad. to create their own degree. You map it out from beginning to end and then you have to sell it to the school.

The idea is that you follow some basic guidelines and credit structures then you take that idea and apply to BIS. There is a 6 panel counsel made up of the Dean's for the other Schools of VCU, they read over your objectives page and your planned degree and vote as to whether it's a valid course of study or not.

On a side note, classes start this upcoming Tuesday, hopefully this semester is much better than the last. I'll definitely need to be more on point with staying at VCU and studying, instead of falling into the trap of coming home and falling asleep.

Next, I finally got my first Xbox, nope, not a 360, but just an old Xbox. It was used and from Ebay. $175.00 got me the system, 4 controllers, and 10 games. I'm psyched as I've been waiting to play Halo for years now! I guess I'm just a little behind the times, right? After all, Halo was introduced in 2001/02.

Lisa and I also made plans this week to head to Douthat for a weekend in the near future. I'm excited about that, it's always great to get away for a few days and chill in the mountains.

Yesterday I finally got around to heading to the Y to drop-off my app. It appears that the Y has financial assistance for those who make under 60k a year, something that I certainly do.

It normally costs about $44 mo for the Y, students get a rate of $18, I'm hoping between $10-15. This will be the first time that I have been part of a gym and it's sort of exciting. They also have a pool too, which will be nice since I have not been in a pool for about 10 years now.

I really want to work on getting some running, cycling, chest and arm workouts in, as well as work on some swimming skills for this upcoming spring/summer.

I'm getting old fast, so I need to nip getting fat in the bud, before I wake up and find myself well into 200+ lbs for good.