Monday, January 08, 2007

1sec World.

During my experiences recently, I came across Miaarose and IMO, this girl has got something good going for her. Depsite singing into a weak room microphone, her voice just jumps out at you; and her looks aren't too shabby either.

I admire all these folks that have the drive or self-image enough to go out on a limb and take a chance. So I have linked to two videos that I liked, but she has a few more to view as well.

This is her own song.

Lastyear was the year for MySpace, this year YouTube. It's amazing to me how a few tweaks of the internet content can transform how we all communicate. Miaarose is an example of someone showing off singing talent, while others create videos to show off their acting, directing, or artistic sides. Still others just create to simply do just that, by creative. It's really a cool concept to think that so many can use outlets like MySpace and YouTube to promote themselves in ways that only a few years back would've taken years to do, if it would've happened at all.

People can become famous the world over in just the time it takes to upload a blog, video, etc.